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Nexstar Media Group, Inc. is a publicly-traded American telecommunications company with headquarter offices in Irving, Texas, New York City, and Chicago. The company is the largest television station owner in the United States, owning 197 television stations across the U.S., most of which are affiliated with the four "major" U.S. television networks. It also operates all of the stations owned by affiliated companies, such as Mission Broadcasting, Shield Media, and Vaughan Media, under local marketing agreements.

A former employee shared his/her experience working for Nexstar on Indeed in April 2020:

"They do not have new technology. The processes are long and necessary. The goals do not align with client goals. They are an old school company."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Like all news media companies, upper management is toxic and constantly trying t make employees do more with less."

Former Employee - News Producer says

"No money, bad benefits, low morale."

Former Employee - Production Assistant says

"Awful people with awful hours and paid minimum wage at a part-time gig so you couldn't get proper benefits."

Current Employee - Sales Assistant says

"They don’t care about their employees AT ALL"

Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"pay scale is from the 50s cheap cheap cheap shame shame"

Former Employee - Financial says

"Management Only Out for Themselves Management will NOT Have YOUR BACK There is NO Work/Life Balance. The Upper Management (who, mind you, was a lower management before all of the acquisitions) sit back and do nothing while pushing work down"

Current Employee - News Reporter/Anchor/Producer says

"Our station doesn't have enough bodies in its newsroom to adequately serve its audience. Everyone in our newsroom who isn't under contract, and those of us with expiring contracts, have been fleeing the station like rats from a sinking ship. Almost everyone who was employed in our newsroom when I started here two years ago is now gone, and many positions have turned over more than once in that time. Also, even though this corporation has a market capitalization of more than $5 billion, it's petty enough, tone-deaf enough, careless enough, ignorant enough or some combination of those to place a hold on a $10 check to reimburse me for expenses approved during an out-of-market trip to cover a news story. Corporate apparently thinks I'm just not supposed to eat."

Current Employee - Master Control Operator says

"This company leadership lacks the ability to communicate with its associates like it should. It's crazy that you have to hear information about the company and what's going on with the company from outside sources. The pay is the worst in the area. Mcdonalds pay more than this job. The works vs the pay does not match or come close."

Former Employee - Producer says

"Extremely underpaid. Nexstar offers below market value salary and then acts confused when they have horrible ratings and and chronically understaffed. Union took 100 dollars a month out of my paycheck and did absolutely NOTHING to benefit me. Company only offered a .75% annual raise, that doesn't even keep up with inflation. I was given multiple promotions with NO raise and treated like I was crazy when I brought it up. Told "that's not how this industry works." Nexstar truly doesn't care about their employees and only cares about the bottom line. They will squeeze as much out of you as they can for as little money as possible. Please reconsider working for this scam of a company."

Former Employee - Digital Media Specialist says

"Low pay, responsible for a lot of different things and selling advertising for digital and TV on top of that. Had multiple deadlines and not enough clients willing to pay high prices due to minimum spend on products."

Producer (Former Employee) says

"Try to hire Reputation Defender on this one, you guys. I was hired right out of college for the Producer position. They had me try to produce two hours of the morning newscast all by myself with very little time taken for training. To explain this, it was all about "next week will be training the other guy so you will be on your own". I had moved to Peoria because I was happy and excited to start the new job. Yippee, right? I didn't know the area that well, or the news happening there. I tried to learn about the news going on in Peoria... But when would I have the time, when I have to adjust my sleep schedule so that I have to wake up at 11 PM to go there at midnight. It was a sink or swim kind of thing. The senior producer wasn't helpful when I had questions about missing a minuscule detail on the rundown. He could've just told me the answer, to my question, but no he was like "you should know, look at your checklist". I looked at my checklist, and everything looked fine to me. They wanted me to print everything 30 minutes before each show. It was a race (and keep in mind I was still adjusting to the sleep schedule). I feel like if I had a team of producers working with me to do what I was doing, I would have succeeded. I think they hire students right out of college who don't know what they're getting into because Nexstar is cheap. noneEverything"

Producer (Former Employee) says

"Hired out of school. After 1.5 weeks of training sent to produce 2 AM shows ALONE. Couldn’t work fast enough without compromising quality. After less one month left because of lack of support"

Lighting Technician (Former Employee) says

"i recommend do not work here i cannot stand this place it does not offer flexible hours or a good place to work, other places are better than here. end"

Master Control Operator (Current Employee) says

"This is one of the worst places to work for. I have never seen a company so unorganized and shady. I thought it was just the location I worked for but it's like this company wide especially if you're an hourly associate. I never been associated with a company that makes you feel so disconnected from the company. A company where your opinion does not matter. This is the type of company that thinks Corporate is always right. If you're an hourly employee you're are considered to be just a number or FTE /body. The things this company does is ridiculously unethical. It seems like all this company is worried about is getting their corporate bonuses no matter how it affects the regular unimportant employees that makes the sacrifices to make it happen. No support or appreciation from corporate or anything. The pay really sucks. You have to have 2 jobs if you're looking to feed your family and make a honest living. I never received an evaluation of anything since I have been here. I don't have a job description or seen one. I haven't seen any kind of competency or anything. I really do not know what are my responsibilities are at this company. I feel like I'm riding on an airplane without a pilot. We haven't had a employee meeting or anything. How do you operate a company without meeting or getting to know the associates that run your company corporate support? No handbook, No meetings, No associate appreciation, Lowest paid in the company (Facts), Treated as outsiders and no real direction or visions as a company. No wonder it's said we are the worst area in the company. This company"

Traffic (Current Employee) says

"Don’t even bother. It’s run by a bunch of rich white guys who couldn’t care less about the employees, only the bottom line. The bottom line is out of their control right now as ratings are plummeting across the board."

PRODUCER, KRQE NEWS CHANNEL 13 (Former Employee) says

"Fine for kids out of college but not a livable wage, and no work/ life balance due to consistent under staffed conditions. Poorly structured, top heavy and not sustainable."

Production Assistant (part-time) says

"No formal training other than my past experience. Worst management I've seen. They don't care about their employees and not approachable. On air anchors at the time very rude with huge egos. Never saw or met station manager. No one makes you feel welcome or value you. Never work there againNoneVery poor management. Rude employees. Alot of employee turnover"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Jump through a lot of hoops just to get interview poor call back. Not a place to work if you don't have past TV sales experience. Always a change of employees do to poor top management. At times insulting to employees and bad remarks. Had to quit before I had an ulcer or worse. First and only job I quit in over 30 years.Pizza at meetingsA lot of meetings 2 times daily as well as as other weekly and monthly meetings. Pay is poor"

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Run from this cluster of a company. Local management is unethical as you could imagine. Pay structure is a shell game. Products don't work. Sell what the customer needs and what would help them is a foreign thought in this office. Sell whatever the office needs to make their various number lines.Free food if the GM dosn't grab it first for her kidsMold and asbestos in building"

employee (Former Employee) says

"welcome to high school environment all over again. terrible hours and management. Pay....don't even think about getting real pay. Loyalty.....not even a word that is understood"

Traffic Assistant (Former Employee) says

"not a great a place, management wasn't that great. the building was very old and starting to become run down. the treatment of employees weren't great"

Senior Account Executive - Media Sales (Former Employee) says

"Nexstar Broadcasting in Memphis was the worst working environment I have ever experienced. There was a lack of institutional control, a lack of mentoring and training, a lack of positive feedback, no loyalty or support from management, and management called out employees and cursed them in large group meetings to belittle them as a scare tactic to get them to be more productive while stabbing each employee in the back at every opportunity. Awful culture, horrible management beginning at the top with the GM and employees who didn't know how to treat each other or clients because of the mistreatment in the workplace.NoneManagement, culture, no work life balance, no respect in the workplace"

News Producer; KLST (Former Employee) says

"The higher ups completely ignored any concerns we had and treated us like cattle. I literally only saw my "boss' a handful of times in the many years i worked there. At one point after a heavy rain storm the ceiling fell in and water came rushing in ON TOP OF ALL THE AUDIO BOARDS WHERE I WORKED AT THE TIME. Their solution? just make a make shift water slide from the huge hole in the ceiling out of trash bags to a bucket on the floor so the water can go in there....... and that was their solution for 6 months. Don't worry that we are surrounded in a small room by huge electronics. They couldn't care less about us or our safety as long as we still made money for them, and we got paid absolute trash.ZeroEverything"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Extremely high turnover. An average of 1-2 employees in the sales department quit per month. Poorly treated, compensated and often mislead. Good luck."

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Minimum wage for skilled positions. Terrible hours, unpaid break in between your day if you are a Production Assistant. Not a lot of opportunity to move up. People get higher up positions without knowing any of the lower position duties."

National Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible I would never want to work there again...please for the love.of god don't make me work.there again....I beg of you never again...please please please....never ever everNoneEverything"

Digital (Former Employee) says

"If you live in Minneapolis the company is LAKANA, which is owned by Nexstar. Check out LAKANA on Glassdoor. Unstable, poor management, low morale. Poor overall environment."

Reporter (Former Employee) says

"worked at Rock Island station. When they took over they spent millions on equipment and 0 on people. reporters making minimum wage, Management is bad. News Director received several complaints prompting H.R. to pay visit from Texas. A dozen employees logged complaints, yet nothing was done except making N.D. very vengeful and angry thus worsening the environment. Newscasts were added without new people being hired. WHBF has half the employees of other stations in the market yet has both CBS and FOX stations to produce news for. The station is a revolving door with just two current on air talents staying past their first contract. Stay away, heck run the other way!free lunch once per montheverything"

Camera Operator (Former Employee) says

"worst job to date. hasted every minute of it. literally. the job sucked, the management sucked. hated it every single day."

News Producer (Current Employee) says

"Poor management Long hours for low pay Little chance for advancementCo-workersManagement"

Investor says

"Nexstar overextended itself & doesn\'t realize it\'s operations are set up over direcy over thin ice in a warming World. NXST is about to drown. It\'s once respected media platforms have been converted into tacky infomercials. Ratings are down. Competitors & substitutions are noticably up. NXST has essentialy overpaid for legacy assets with no plan or profit future. Oil well is dry folks. This tacky texas business model is as vast as the as air in the space of what should be brains of Nexstar\'s mgmt."

TA says

"Nexstar is pulling local stations from Dish leaving those of us in rural areas without local service as no air antenna has worked. Frustrating that they use the service as a weapon to get the money they want from satellite providers. Sick of them. "

Chief says

"Greedy company only care about itself not anyone else THEY SUCK!"

Sher says

"You are greedy and praying on people that are just trying to get through this pandemic and see tv to get by. You removed my best shows i watch . Shame on you all!!!!!! " is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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